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14/03/14 10:52 AM #1    


Tim Simmons

Welcome to the Woodland High School Classes of 1970 - 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

29/03/14 09:14 AM #2    


Peter Storz

What? Am I the first to post to the forum? Interesting Editor features; [b]wonder[/b] if ordinary [i]discussion[/i] [u]forum[/u] tags can be done manually.

29/03/14 09:16 AM #3    


Peter Storz

Tim beat me to it, and discussion forum tags don't work. My world is shattered!

30/03/14 10:35 AM #4    

Christine (Chris) Storz (Sander)

lol....too funny Pete.

08/04/14 05:48 PM #5    


Peter Storz

Hardly anyone's posted pix of themselves? Trust me, if I can do it, anyone can. And as to no longer looking young, I think we all can do the math and figure out a calendar. I certainly haven't grown more handsome - nor hair - since graduating from WHS.

09/04/14 11:15 PM #6    


Becky Parman (Ervin)

I posted mine and what a great way for us to all stay in contact. Can't wait for the reunion.

09/04/14 11:22 PM #7    


Becky Parman (Ervin)

Hey there Tim, I sent out an announcement with the link to the 40 emails I have for the class of 78 today. As well as getting ahold of everyone on facebook that I have there. Haven't had a chance to start on the phone call list yet but I'm working on it.  Be sure and check out how I posted WHS Woody Wolf Seventy-Eight as a student and added all the yearbook photos for everyone to see.

10/04/14 07:20 AM #8    


Tim Simmons

Thank you!

Online ticket sales are live now!

$25 thru May 31, 2014
$35 June 1 thru August 29, 2014
$45 day of and at the door

23/04/14 03:37 PM #9    


Woody Wolf

Good Job People! Things are progressing nicley.

If you happen to know someone from the 70's and they are not on the list, send me their information and I will add them and send them an e-mail.

24/04/14 01:14 PM #10    

George O'Shea (Isbell)

I got my tickets in the mail today hope to see everyone there

27/04/14 05:02 PM #11    

Nancy Aubrey

isn't there a list from the last reunion of the 70's of who has passed? Is there a way to get that posted on here? 


EDITED. The memory wall from the last 70's reunion was amazing. Whoever put that together with all the photos did an awesome job. Having their highschool picture with their names. Sadly,  I recognized so many of them. THANKS for adding for this year.  

09/05/14 09:48 AM #12    

George O'Shea (Isbell)

I have been trying to add Denice Moffett class of 1974 to the in memory she passed june of 2005 can someone get her name on the list


From Tim: Got her on the list, but if you have birthdates, date of death, photos, I will post all that information. Love to put a face to a name, Denice Moffett was my neighbor, but haven't seen her since 1974/75. We hope this page is here for a long time and not just to promote the reunion this year.


10/05/14 07:46 AM #13    


Tim Simmons

OK, I have been working on getting everyone posted to the In Memory page.

Thank you Vickie & Jackie for your assistance, we should be clost to having everyone,

George send photos, and dates for Denice and I will get her added. This is a large group of classmates and sure we are missing some and any good information is welcomed.


thank you!



10/05/14 09:37 AM #14    


Raul Pereyra

As classmates are called home. We'll continue to honor there memory by adding to our Memorial Wall here. Thank you Tim, Jackie and Vickie for doing this very important part of our website. You all are the best of people  so blessed to be part of each others lives -Raul 

11/05/14 06:21 PM #15    

George O'Shea (Isbell)

Hi tim Denice Moffett's dob was 06/17/1956 and date of death is 06/08/2005 I will try and send a pic soon.

18/05/14 09:21 AM #16    


Peter Storz

Looking through the "In Memory" page I noticed that much info was needed for Connie and Paul Storz (Paul was my cousin, next-door neighbor, and classmate). This webpage has obits (among others) for Connie, Paul, and their younger daughter Rachel (who died in the same head-on collision), It is also part of a larger of webpages with obits for many late Yolo County people, so it may be useful for filling in gaps for a lot of people.

The in memoriam display at the 2010 decade reunion was for me easily the most moving memory of that reunion. Between being in the WHS Marching Band and being placed a year ahead for Spanish class I knew a lot members of other graduating classes.

21/05/14 06:29 PM #17    


Peter Storz

I added info to Paul's, Connie's, Eugene ("Gene" or "Tom") Anderson's, and Frank Carrion's In Memory pages, for a start. Since, I've cross-compared this site's In Memory page to this set of webpages, CA Gen Web seems to have mainly gotten obits from Yolo County newspapers, especially the Democrat from the years 2002-2006. So what I did is very incomplete.  Such as it is, browsing through the pages of classmates who are no longer with us has been very sobering. It has renewed my appreciation and respect for those who helped compile that list.

For the In Memory pages I updated I added the classmate's date of birth and date of death, when available, and date of graduation from WHS (often calculated based of birth year). If anyone looks through the list and sees some one listed for whom there is no info but you know when they died (and even more), if anyone has more correct or simply more info - or I incorrectly posted info for a different person with the same name - please let us know here. Some one with Admin permissions will be able to update the listing.

Please, please, please add your own memories of our departed classmates to their [i]In Memory[/i] page.

02/06/14 07:25 AM #18    


Tim Simmons

Thanks, Peter, I have spent a lot of time working on this.... I know what you mean.

I grew up with all these people, my brother Bob was good friends with Frank, Tom, Paul, Connie, George.... the names go on... and many are my close friends as well.

All these classmates are special to someone, and it is important we do a good job filling in the blanks,

Thanks againg for your help.



02/06/14 01:33 PM #19    

Sylvia Balish (Danielson)

hello all,


Am looking for Jenine Nardini (class of 1973)... Barbara Cranston, Karen Heidrick, and Susan Campbell (class of 1972)  Would like to hook up with them at the reunion.  Sylvia Balish Danielson (class of 1972)

22/06/14 07:14 PM #20    


Peter Storz

Sylvia, here is Karen Heidrick's Facebook page:

And thank you so much for all the memories you've shared in so many "In Memory" pages!

Pete Storz

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